Let’s go solving the web challenge

1- Challenge Name : cake

cyber chef
cyber chef

2 - Challenge Name : sad_agent

cyber chef

3 - Challenge Name : Easy_Blog

user and pass = admin
anything to test

4 - Challenge Name : Cats

Path traversal misconfigured NGINX

5 - Challenge Name : Embedding

Bad Character Detected or you Break The Limit

6 - Challenge Name : Dark Login

<! — LnR4dA==→ base64 as .txt
curl -X POST Login/flag.php
Try To Access Element main An Inject HTML On It
see the console
403 Forbidden
I Also Like The Parameters Specially If Its Value Was false
Your Password Is :- dac64421e6d507ef3817b661943ad3b3

7 - Challenge Name : Evil Panel

note > It's a Real Example Challenge , Try to use your brain to get the admin panel note : automated tools won’t help you

0xl4ugh Team
Your Entered Username/Password do not match with our database so please enter Right info…
‘ or 1=1;
Fatal error:
‘ or ‘1’=’1;
Welcome Admin ….
Upload your File

End the web challenge…… I solve it :)



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Ahmed Magdy

Ahmed Magdy

Interested in infosec || CTF Player || Pentester || Bug Hunter || Security Researcher