Let’s go……

1 - Web challenge….

1 - Challenge Name : sp1ders

if you are a robot, you know what to do …
and continue the matter until this page i found
LoL where my flag :-(
flag{yes, rob0t5}
Only gr3ta knows how to get in
secret name doesn’t match
hidden in there in a HTML comment
admin’ or 1=1 ; - -

OK 1 of 4 Let’s go……

Let’s see what is in it robots.txt

Learn git
./ challenge
git checkout -- .

OK 2 of 4 Let’s go……

I think what is b.txt so open it i find it is like chat between 2

The differences like this are the flag

OK 3 of 4 Let’s go……

sorry i cant find flag number : 4

End the web challenge…… I solve it XD

2 - Misc challenge……

1 - Challenge Name : copy paste


End the misc challenge …… I solve it XD

3 - forensics challenge……

1 - Challenge Name : among us


End the forensics challenge…… I solve it XD

4 - crypto challenge……

The first 3 challenges are very easy
1 - base 64 >> flag{b4s3_s1xt9_f0ur}

End the crypto challenge…… I solve it XD



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Ahmed Magdy

Ahmed Magdy

Interested in infosec || CTF Player || Pentester || Bug Hunter || Security Researcher